Moving the industry forward with our patent-pending technology.

Alpha Impulsion is a young innovative start-up which has developed a revolutionary propulsion technology, the first of its kind in the space industry. It offers a potential of considerable reduction of launch costs and space waste production. Be part of a unique adventure and help change the face of the space industry.

Revolutionary technology

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Our patent-pending technology is developed by Alpha Impulsion. This innovative approach offers many advantages.

Reduction of launch costs

Our propulsion method significantly reduces launch costs, because it drastically reduces the mass of the launch vehicle, lowering production and logistics costs.

Space waste reduction

Thanks to its design, our launch vehicles enable us to widely reduce the risk of creating space debris during the flight.

Secure and reliable

Our fuel answers to forefront ecological issues while assuring unparalleled safety during our industrial processes, and an increased operational reliability thanks to a greatly simplified architecture.


Alpha Impulsion Project Milestones

At Alpha Impulsion, we are engaged in a rigorous process of developing our technology. We have reached several milestones in our journey and we are proud of it. Here is an overview of the milestones we have achieved so far.


The Alpha Impulsion team began preliminary work on the technology in 2021. After months of research and development, we could present our concept to aerospace experts and file our very first patent.

Proof of feasibility

We then started an experimental proof of concept to prove the basics of our technology. With multiple milestones validated, we are currently working towards igniting our first rocket engine.


To validate our innovative propulsion system, we have started a flight demonstration program, backed by powerful space industry actors.

Development of the launcher

We are also developing our launcher, in order to commercialize our services. We wish to establish contact with partners to develop and produce rockets using this technology.


The Alpha Impulsion crew

Alpha Impulsion are aerospace propulsion experts looking for new challenges. Our team is dedicated to achieving our vision. We are proud to introduce our team, growing every day, and we always are looking for new recruits !

Marius Celette

CEO Alpha Impulsion

Marius Celette leads Alpha Impulsion since its creation in 2022. Inventor of the technology, he works with the team and advances our development efforts.

Martin Gros

CSO Alpha Impulsion

Martin Gros is scientific director at Alpha Impulsion. He works alongside Marius to lead the company, while bringing his expertise to lead our research activities.

Vincenzo Mazzella

Politecnico Di Milano and ISAE-SUPAERO graduate, Vincenzo is responsible for operations within the company.

Dylan De Lima Viana

Dylan is our Computational Fluid Dynamics expert, trained by ONERA, Polytechnique and the Sorbonne university.

Lisa Buxton

EPF and ISAE-SUPAERO graduate, Lisa helps Marius with the management of Alpha Impulsion's development activities.

Alexandre David

Expert in aerospace engineering applied to launch vehicle, Alexandre is building our first demonstrator.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the current stage of development of Alpha Impulsion's technology?

Alpha Impulsion successfully demonstrated the feasibility of the technology by simulation and is currently conducting tests on small-scale prototypes to develop an experimental rocket. The company plans to begin full-scale testing within the next two years and aims to bring the technology to market within the next five years.

How does Alpha Impulsion plan to finance the development of the project?

Alpha Impulsion is currently seeking investors to finance the development of the technology. The company has already received research and development grants from various government agencies and is now seeking to raise funds from business angels to further develop the technology.

What are the benefits of our technology?

It has many advantages, including a significant reduction in the weight of the rocket, an increase in its efficiency, a reduction in production costs and a decrease in the amount of space waste.

How does it work ?

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Any more questions ?

We will be happy to answer you.


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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Alpha Impulsion and its technology, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss any collaboration or investment opportunities.